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Online Google Maps

Created by Anna & Peter Fuller with thanks to BC Canada West Region Zone 6  

  • Cell coverage and a data plan is required
  • Set up turn by turn directions
  • Google Maps route will be emailed to registrants.
  • Ensure turn by turn directions can be clearly heard.
  • Bluetooth, Android Auto or Apple CarPlay all work.
  • Phone should be firmly mounted hands free or ideally operated by the navigator.
  • At each way point you will have to tap the “Continue” button on the map.

How to run the route map:

  • . Ensure phone Location Services is turned on (for the GPS to function)
  • 2. After the participant briefing, open the email containing the map link and click on the route map link.
  • 3. The map will open and the “Start” button will be available
  • 4. Select Start when the drive begins.
  • 5. The turn-by-turn directions will be a supplement to the written drive route.

  • Note: emailed route links are designed to function only at a specific start point.
  • Best practice is to start the route navigation at the staging area.
  • The Steps button will show the waypoints in the Route.
  • The Preview button is only available when the device is too far away from the starting location, and reload the map is needed.

  • The “You have arrived” message will appear at each waypoint along the route, simply tap CONTINUE for the route to advance.