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Did you Know? August 2020

As everyone I’m sure , knows by now we are experiencing very unusual times. We have not been able to have a regular club meeting since March. We have had to find new ways to have safe gatherings with friends and family. Being the innovative creatures we are RRR has had some very successful events this summer.  In May we experienced our first Gimmick Rally, Organized by VP George Derwin and Catherine Carlson. We had a great turn out and… Read More »Did you Know? August 2020

Did You Know? June 2020

Many of our normal club activities have been on hold or at least temporarily postponed. However with some adjustment to the required protocols set by the Province, Members have had a chance to finally get the garage dust off their cars. In case you missed it , the Red River Region had 22 cars participate in our first “Fill a Frunk” event at Winnipeg Harvest on May 30. Members showed up with their cars filled  with groceries to be unloaded… Read More »Did You Know? June 2020

Did You Know? May 2020

The Red River Board has been busy during this time of social distancing to come up with some safe but fun activities. The first was a couple of weeks ago when 10 members dusted off their cars and did 4 Birthday drive- bys for kids having quarantined parties . I’m not sure if the Kids were more impressed with the cars or the noise of all the horns. We now have two more safe events coming up. First on Sunday… Read More »Did You Know? May 2020

Did You Know? April 2020

I hope all of you and your families are well and practising everything thats now necessary for safety. We are experiencing unusual circumstances at this time that is affecting our daily lives like nothing before. I remain hopeful that we will end this crisis soon with everyones collective efforts over the next few weeks or months. I expected to be listening to the roar of my exhaust pipes as I was out for a drive to burn off the winter gas,… Read More »Did You Know? April 2020

Did You Know? February 2020

Well, here we are in the “Dog Days of Winter”.  If you are like me you have seen enough white stuff or if you are in Winnipeg “ brown snow “ courtesy of the city dumping sand after every snowfall. The days are getting noticeably longer and soon our cars will be coming out of hibernation and be preparing for the 2020 driving season. In that regard we are currently planning several events for us and our cars. Some exact… Read More »Did You Know? February 2020

Winter Preparation

5 tips to prepare your vintage ride for storage, by hagerty CHECK YOUR COOLANT Water expands as it freezes, and that expansion packs enough power to split engine blocks. If you run straight water in your cooling system, now is the time to drain it before you end up with an unintentional two-piece engine block. Storing with zero coolant in the system is one option, but that allows the walls of the metal surfaces to corrode and may lessen the… Read More »Winter Preparation

Did You Know? November 2019

It is that time of the year. I’ve put my car into storage, but I had to wait for the snow to melt after that mess we had at the beginning of October! I’ve also made the switch to the collector car MPI coverage when I put it into storage. I initially resisted this switch strictly on pure vanity, since I didn’t like the colours of the plates (black on yellow, going back to Manitoba’s original plate colours, for those… Read More »Did You Know? November 2019

For the love of all things Porsche

THE FAMILY’S GETTING TOGETHER THIS WEEKEND FOR THE ANNUAL CONCOURS D’ELEGANCE WILLY WILLIAMSON – WILLY’S GARAGE The Red River Region of the Porsche Club of America (PCA) is celebrating its 20th anniversary in grand style on Sunday with its annual Concours d’Elegance car show taking place in the afternoon, followed by a gala dinner and awards presentation in the evening — all of which takes place at the Gates on Roblin. Although the dinner and awards presentation is a private… Read More »For the love of all things Porsche

Did You Know? September 2019

Alas, the end is neigh (at least for those of us who put our Porsches away for the winter). The days are getting shorter and the temperatures are dropping. Let’s hope we have a warm and dry fall so we can get a few more days of driving before the snow flies! So far this year we’ve tried to do as much as we can to celebrate our 20th year as a Porsche club in Red River Region. We had… Read More »Did You Know? September 2019

Porsche Cars Canada – 20 years of Red River Region

On June 17, 2018, Porsche Cars Canada (Toronto) delivered a glass plaque to Red River Region PCA in recognition of our club’s 20th anniversary. The plaque states: Porsche Cars Canada congratulates PCA Red River Region on 20 years 2019 President Gord Favelle and Vice President Dennis Duncan presented the plaque to our club members at the July 3, 2019 General Membership meeting at the Gates on Roblin.