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Kleefeld Car Show & Drive

The club was well represented at the Kleefeld Car Show. 6 cars with 10 attendees gathered for an early meet to drive to Kleefeld and then we were staged at the Rec Centre grounds. We had 2 other cars join us in Kleefeld. The day started out wet, but turned out to be a sunny but windy day with lots of cars at the show! On the drive, we made a quick call to the Kleefeld organizer and they were… Read More »Kleefeld Car Show & Drive

Porsche Parade 2024

Don’t Just Attend Porsche Parade… …Be a Part of It! June 9-15, 2024 Birmingham Convention Center Birmingham, Alabama


The club is arranging for personalized vests to celebrate our 25th anniversary. The vests will feature our logo and 25th-anniversary text on the front, along with the Porsche logo on the back. They come in an attractive dark navy colour with a zippered front and a fleece lining. Each vest is priced at $70.00, we aim to finalize the order by the end of next week, and hopefully have them delivered by the  April 6 Cars & Coffee at the Porsche Centre. We… Read More »25TH ANNIVERSARY VEST

Digital Membership Card 

PCA members can now opt in to the digital membership card, available for Apple and Android digital wallets. It’s easy and quick to download! Once in your wallet, your card is easily accessible when you need it. To learn more or opt in, visit

Did You Know, April 2023

According to the calendar it’s officially spring. Although we are having sunnydays the air still has some winter bite and the roads , dry in parts , still have someice covered surfaces and ruts. Soon we will be trading the ruts for our seasonalpotholes. I have seen a number of Porsches on the road over the last few daysand hopefully the temperatures climb and we see several at the April 5th meetingin the parking lot at Frankies Italian Kitchen.For those… Read More »Did You Know, April 2023

Did You Know, Feb 2023

We are only about six weeks away from once again getting our cars out of storage and back onthe roads for those who don’t fear a little loose gravel. We have begun the annual task ofplanning events for the club and think there will be plenty of interesting activities for everyone.The calendar on our website will begin to fill over the next few weeks so check it regularly forupdates.One of the events planned is the overnight drive to Lake of… Read More »Did You Know, Feb 2023

Porsche Parade 2023

Phase 1 Registration Opens February 1, 2023 June 18-24, 2023The LaQuinta Resort and Club Palm Springs, California

Red River Region PcA Community Service Award – Porsche Centre Winnipeg

The Red River Region Porsche Club has bestowed upon Porsche Centre Winnipeg its Community Service Award in recognition of the Porsche Centre Winnipeg’s donations to our annual charity fundraiser held each year at our holiday banquet. We thank Porsche Centre Winnipeg. Our Community Service Award was accepted by Anderson Le, General Manager of Porsche Centre Winnipeg.