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About Us

We are the red river region of the Porsche club of america

Based in Manitoba, our goal is to bring drivers and enthusiasts of Porsche vehicles together through events, meetups, and group excursions.

We are committed to interacting respectfully within the communities that we visit and are committed to ensuring that traffic regulations are followed. We want communities to enjoy the presence of the Club wherever we go.

The Porsche Club of Manitoba was formed in the fall of 1994 by Gord Luy (an owner of a 1970, 914-6) and the late Erik Fossberg (an owner of a 1975, 911 Cabriolet). Starting out with an initial six members, the club slowly grew through organized events and word of mouth.

Five years later, on November 6th 1999, the Executive Council of the Porsche Club of America (PCA) granted its 141st charter to the Red River Region, an area geographically known as the Province of Manitoba, Canada. This was a day of celebration for those that had created the Porsche Club of Manitoba and the small group of people who worked for almost a year to make the dream of belonging to the PCA a reality.

Today, the Red River Region PCA consists of over 100 registered members and enjoys putting on regular events and continuing to build camaraderie amongst Porsche owners and enthusiasts.

Our Leadership



Dale Milne

Vice President

richard wansbutter


Linda Hogue


george derwin

Past President

Appointed chairs

Rob Eby

Membership Chair

Helmut Waedt

Special Events Chair

Dallas Ewen

Newsletter Chair

Gord Favelle

Safety Chair

Rob Eby

Social Media Chair

Karim Shalaby


Samar sallam