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Did You Know? December 2020

Here we are in December with the usual Winnipeg winter still holding off for a few more days at least. What snow we have has an icy crust on top making driving and walking on side streets a bit of a challenge without spikes or studs. Just think, in about only 4 months we will hopefully be uncovering our cars and getting ready for breaking out of the garage.

As the Club begins to prepare for 2021, my term as President comes to an end this month and I want, at this time to acknowledge some people that have made a difference to all of the members over many years. Firstly I want to thank Malcolm Hinds, our retiring Membership Chair for his tireless efforts over 20 years in serving and building the membership in Red River along with participating at the board level for many of those years. Thanks Malcolm for a job well done.

Retiring board members Gord Favelle, Past President and John Sobczak, Treasurer. I have been fortunate to work with both Gord and John over the last few years and will miss their attendance at our board meetings. We accomplished much during that time due to their efforts, leadership and commitment to the club. I wish also to thank our returning board members, George Derwin,Vice President ( President 2021 ) and Eleanor Milne Secretary, ( Secretary 2021 ) for their efforts and dedication to the club during the challenges of 2020.

Also, as you are reading this December update, you are on our now “Face Lifted” website. Our old site was at 95% capacity and could no longer easily allow additions or changes. The new site is at 10% capacity, so ongoing updates and additions are now possible. One goal was to speed up the loading of the site along with making it easier and quicker to find relevant information, and if you look through the menus you will see the results.

On behalf of the Board and the Members, I want to thank Aaron Wojnowski and David Breed (Webmaster) for their many hours put into renewing the RRR website.

My Seasonal wish for everyone is that the light we might be seeing at the end of this Covid-19 tunnel gets very bright in the coming weeks and we see the general population have access to a vaccine that allows us to regain more normal activities in 2021.

Dennis Duncan