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Did You Know? May 2020

The Red River Board has been busy during this time of social distancing to come up with some safe but fun activities. The first was a couple of weeks ago when 10 members dusted off their cars and did 4 Birthday drive- bys for kids having quarantined parties .

I’m not sure if the Kids were more impressed with the cars or the noise of all the horns.

We now have two more safe events coming up. First on Sunday May 24 at 10 am there is the Gimmick Rally , courtesy of VP George Derwin. Full details will be emailed to each person registered later this week. You must register at , and remember the rally is limited to 25 cars. The event theme is planes, Trains & Automobiles and takes place in and around the City of Winnipeg. 

Our  next event is a food drive for Winnipeg Harvest called “ Fill A Frunk” and takes place on Sat May 30 at 9:30 am. We are hoping to have 25 to 30 cars for this as we have a chance to help those in need during this time through helping Winnipeg Harvest to re- stock some shelves. Further details will be emailed to all members next week with a list of suggested items needed by Winnipeg Harvest. 

Hopefully in the near future we can have other events that allow us to gather in a more conventional way.