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Garage Tour 2019

The 4th installment of the Red River Region Garage tour

We started at Dennis’ garage with the first cars arriving about 8:45 and when we left we had 25 cars and about 32 people. We arrived at Marco’s Storage garage at a few minutes after 10:00 where several more members were already waiting for us. At around 11:00 we started our engines once again and began the drive to Chris’ “Garage Mahal”.

A final count for the day was 65 people and between 35 and 40 cars.

Thank everyone who made it out for the annual Garage Tour Event and to the organizers who made our day so special! A huge thank you to the generous hosts who welcomed us into their garages, offices and homes. Also a thank you to PCW GM Anderson Le for his support of another RRR PCA event. Thanks again!

Garage Tour 2019