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Special Collector Plate

Owners of qualifying classic cars will be able to insure them in Manitoba with a special collector plate.
The program is open to cars, light trucks and motorcycles that are at least 25 years old, are valued at more than $5,000 ($4,000 for bikes), and are driven only for “Pleasure” use.

The program recognizes that classic cars are generally used for only part of the year and are laid up in storage during the winter months. The premium charged will reflect this part-year road usage, but insurance will also cover the car for fire and theft while it’s in storage.

While the initial indication from MPI is that collector plates will save owners 45% off their regular annual premium, owners may not see much in the way of real premium savings as most save money already by switching to “layup” coverage for winter. However, MPI touts the convenience of the program in not requiring owners to go to an Autopac agent each year to make the switch to layup. And there are no usage or mileage restrictions attached to the collector plates, other than the requirement that the car only see Pleasure use. Plus, classic cars will get to run these cool “throwback” yellow plates!

Owners wishing to qualify their cars for collector plates need to complete these steps in order:

  • Complete the Collector Vehicle License Plate Application and submit it to MPI.
  • Contact the Bernard Harfield who can verify the car’s classic status and value.
  • Present the approved qualification form to your Autopac agent and wait for your yellow plates to arrive in the mail.

Bernard Harfield  P:204 668-2330, Cell: 204 470-4692 and email at