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Did You Know? June/July 2019

At last summer is officially here! I hope everyone is enjoying the weather and driving.

As you probably know we have just finished our 20th anniversary drive to the Rockies Tour which was a great success (even though I’m a little biased)!
We officially had 37 cars coming from many Regions on the western side of North America (Red River, BC Interior, Red Rose, Inland North West, Polar, Vancouver Island, Pacific North West, and Silver Sage). We even had one person from Georgia who came to accompany his uncle. We had 3 days of great driving (and weather) with drives to Fort Steele, Lake Louise and Banff.
The Resort (Copper Point in Invermere) was very accommodating to us allowing us to take over the underground parking lot where Peter and Anna Fuller and Dale and Eleanor Milne set up a car wash station for us to keep our vehicles all bright and shiny. The drives were very well organised by Dennis & Beverly Duncan including great stops for lunch that were planned out to perfection. Also, thanks to all the leads and sweeps who volunteered to help out. Beverly also put together a Porsche quiz for each of the lunch stops with a randomly drawn prize to all those who had participated. The 3 days went perfectly and all had a good time. Some of the participants suggested we do this every few years, but I’m not sure Dennis & Bev want to do this anytime soon as it was a huge amount of work and preparation! More information and pictures will be up coming in a future edition of Red River Ramblings.

Dennis and Sue Garood from Inland North West Region have also posted the pictures they took of the cars and events  on (click here) if you want to see some pictures for now. Red River has also posted photos (click here).
Thanks to all who helped organized and participated in our 20th anniversary tour!

Our next 20th celebration event will be the Concours and dinner on September 8th at the Gates so we would like to see everyone participate.

Happy & safe motoring!