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Did you know? April 2019

Its now official………Spring that is.

I know because on Saturday the car was uncovered and I paid my visit to my local Autopac agent and activated my insurance. Then quickly returning home the car was backed off the tire cradles onto the driveway for the first time since the snow of last fall.

For those who use Visa to pay MPIC you will see a change as April will be the last month you can use a credit card. All payments will now be directly from your bank account, so take your bank account info with you when you renew.

You will want to look carefully at the website today as the new Red River Region store is now up and running. Look at the top of the website and click on STORE, then RRR store and you will see the initial choices available. Our region gets 10% of all sales so this can be helpful for the club’s financial growth.

Gord will be back at the April meeting on Wednesday at Tony Romas at 656 St James Street across from Polo Park, so hopefully we will have large crowd on hand to welcome him back and see if he now speaks English with a Spanish accent.

There will be some special items for all who attend the meeting…related to our 20th anniversary, so you will want to be there not to miss out.

According to the Website countdown we now have only 72 days until the Rockies tour and so our spring inspection and servicing of the cars begins.

Lets fill the parking lot at Tony Romas with Porsches on Wednesday.

Vice President Dennis Duncan