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Did you Know? August 2018

Hello to All Red River PCA Members. This is the August edition of “Did You Know”.  I have good news and bad news this month. First, let’s start with the good news:

  1. Augusts meeting will be at the Prairie Edge restaurant is (in Kildonan Park off Main Street) on August  1st.  Come for the meeting at 7 pm or earlier (6 pm) to have supper and celebrate (see below).
  2. Red River Region won 7 awards at PCA Parade in Ozark Lake, MO!!! Not bad for a Region with only 170 primary members. We also had the largest Canadian turnout than any other Region.
    1. Our webpage won 1st place overall (includes ALL webpages in PCA (well done Andreas!)
    2. Our newsletter won 1st place in our division (well done Dallas!)
    3. Peter and Anna Fuller won 1st place in their class in the Touring Division at Concours!
    4. Dale and Elenor Milne won 1st place in their class in the Street Division and Concours!
    5. Peter and Dale’s  golf team won 1st place at the golf tournament!
    6. 2 of David and Kim Hackbart’s children won the children’s drawing completion including one of the drawings will be used on the children’s’ t-shirts next year at Parade!
  3. Red River Region has 2 new members, Keith Desautels, 97 Boxter and Sebastian Selver, 2002 Carrera (btw, Sebastian is only 17 yrs old, our youngest member!). Welcome!

Now for the bad news:

  1. Bruce and Marcia Tait had to leave Parade early as there was a medical issue.
  2. Two of our upcoming events had/have to be cancelled because of poor registrations, specifically the BBQ at Peter Holle’s cabin in the Whiteshell and Andreas Kottschoth’s planned North West Ontario drive. Not sure why this is, we are trying our best as a club to organize event’s/drives that would appeal to all our members. If this is not the case please let us know what types of event’s drives you wish to see.
  3. The Bemidji drive this year has also been cancelled as Rich Siegert is unable to organize it this year.

Rest of the News

  1. Coffee and Cars August 8th, meet at Tim Horton’s 2147 St Mary’s Road and drive to Le Bebe Rouge 30075 Hwy 59, St Pierre Jolys.
  2. Porsches at the Pony (Pony Corral and Grant Park Shopping Centre) Aug 12 Contact  Malcolm Hinds Let’s have a good turnout please. This is the best showcase we have for our cars and club!!!
  3. Our Garage Tours has been set for August 11th.