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Did you Know? June 2018

Hello to All Red River PCA Members. This is the June edition of “Did You Know”

  1. June’s meeting will be at the Confusion Corner Bar & Grill (500 Corydon Ave) on June 6th.  Come for the meeting at 7 pm or earlier (6 pm) to have a supper on the outdoor patio now that we finally have great weather!
  2. Save the Date – Sports Cars Together is a joint initiative by Porsche Canada and Porsche Club of America Canadian groups (Porsche Centre Winnipeg and Red River Region PCA locally) to celebrate 70 years of Porsche.
    • It is being sponsored by PCW and Red River Region on June 10th from 12 – 3 pm and take place at PCW, 660 Pembina Hwy B, Winnipeg, MB R3M 2M5
    • Refreshments will be provided by PCW
    • Red River Region Members and recent purchasers of a Porsche from PCW are invited.
    • Tours of Building will be conducted including the shop with displays of Porsches.
    • Porsches may be available for test drives.
    • Limited parking is available.
    • RSVP to Red River Region PCA ( is required by June 4th meeting.
  3. Red River PCA Region (us) will be celebrating our 20th Anniversary next year.
  4. Our Garage Tours are still in the planning for August, please contact Dallas if you would like to volunteer your garage or have any ideas where we could go.
  5. Our next Cars & Coffee will occur on June 13 at Roxy’s Diner in Oakbluff. See the newsletter or Webpage for more details.

Your President Gord Favelle