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Did you Know? March 2018

Hello to All Red River PCA Members. This is the March edition of “Did You Know”

  1. March’s meeting will be at the Pony Corral (1050 Nairn Ave) on the 7th.  Come for the meeting at 7 pm or earlier (6 pm) to have a supper with all the friendly PCA members who have not gone south!
  2. Our award winning web page contains a vast amount of Red River Region and PCA information as well as all things Porsche (thanks for the great job Andreas!).  Check it out if you haven’t already, you’ll be suitably impressed! 
  3. Also see our award winning Newsletter (thanks Dallas!) links on our website for current and past issues.
  4. Our Coffee & Cars calendar for 2018 is now out. Watch for announcements in the Newsletter and Webpage in the near future.
  5. We are currently filling in our calendar of events for 2018.  We have plans (but not confirmed) for events such as a Northwest Ontario run (with new and shorter routes) and car show in Sioux Lookout, Bemidji run (with new routes) garage tours (possibly involving commercial garages too), etc. Please come to the meetings or check our Web site and Newsletter for updates.
  6. We are in need of 2 volunteers, 1 to coordinate our Social/Event Calendar and 1 as a  Safety Chair for our moving car events. Please speak to one of the Board Members for further information.

Your President Gord Favelle